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Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage: An Exceptional Choice

When you have a home with a large garage space, you might not give much thought to finishing the floor, even if you do put up drywall and fill in the ceiling. However, your garage floor is the area that experiences the most stress over the life of your home, and if you finish the floor correctly, the garage can be more functional and even beautiful.

Discover some reasons why epoxy flooring is an exceptional floor choice for your garage.


Have you ever worried about your car dripping fluids on your concrete floor and causing a stain? Concrete, though durable, is porous, and liquids can permeate even sealed concrete and cause stains. Because these stains soak into the concrete, they are sometimes impossible to remove, even with a pressure washer. Over time, the concrete begins to look old and mottled. 

As the floor ages, small particles of sand and dirt can wear away at the floor, causing depressions and making it harder to keep clean.

Epoxy, on the other hand, goes over the concrete and forms a perfectly sealed surface that will not allow spilled substances to soak in. The epoxy floor is a resin that mixes with a chemical hardener. It adheres to your floor like a strong glue, and as the chemicals in the epoxy react with each other, they produce a durable, non-porous, and stain-resistant floor.

If your garage floor already has stains, you have nothing to fear. Epoxy coating will cover defects and make the floor look better than new. 

Odor Control

Have you ever walked into a garage that smells musty or oily or has animal scent residue? Because concrete is porous, it also absorbs odors, and no amount of air fresheners will keep your garage smell-free.

With the sealing power of epoxy, you won’t have lingering smells from an oil spill or pet urine after they are cleaned up. 


Epoxy comes with the power of wonderful customization. Garages have increasingly become a versatile home space for things other than just cars and storage. You might want your garage to be a creative space where you can work out, develop new projects, or even put a guest when the house is full. 

You can have epoxy flooring in virtually any color. You can also include interesting designs when you add glitter, metallic sheen, or even streaks and variations to make the floor imitate stone. 

Another way epoxy helps you customize your garage is by amplifying your lighting choices. If you add lighting to your garage area, the natural sheen of the floor will reflect those lights, making the space seem cleaner, brighter, and more open. 

Finally, if you’re worried that an epoxy floor will be too slippery, think again. Your flooring installer can add sand and other tiny aggregates to the epoxy to make a surface ideal for walking, depending on what you need your garage to do for you.


So if epoxy looks nice and provides a good seal, how will it look as time goes by? Fortunately, these floor finishes are durable. Dropping a tool or bike on the floor won’t chip the surface or leave marks that mar the finish. Epoxy can even be mixed to withstand heat in high-temperature areas so it won’t peel or bubble up during a warm summer. 

Not only will the epoxy flooring finish last, but the concrete itself underneath will also last longer. Because the concrete does not have to bear the brunt of weather, traffic, and water damage, it will remain strong without the need to be repaired, resealed, or reinforced. 

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