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Polished Concrete Overlay

Choosing to invest in a polished concrete overlay is an excellent option if you are looking to have innovative floor work done. Ideal for commercial and residential floors, this exceptional flooring process requires care and precision from an experienced concrete contractor.

Deluxe Concrete specializes in excellent craftsmanship, delivering quality work while bringing their expertise to each unique floor project. This meticulous process takes time, but the sleek and polished result is well worth it. A concrete overlay can completely transform your concrete floor into a breath-taking work of art that you will enjoy for years to come.

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A Distinctive Process Concrete Overlay

Installing a new polished concrete overlay takes patience and skill. The process begins with the removal of existing floor coverings and seeing to the needs of the underlying floor. This step ensures that the floor is in the best shape to start the process of a new concrete floor.

Next, laying down new concrete is a long and painstaking process that requires dedication and particular attention to detail. The new concrete will be the foundation of your new concrete overlay.

Once it has been laid, the process of grinding the concrete begins. Performed with grit diamonds, your experienced concrete contractor will determine the level of grit to use based on the concrete condition and your desired level of aggregate exposure.

Finally, the grinding process will be completed using grit resin pads to ensure a particularly smooth exterior. At this point, you can decide if you would like your floor to be stained or whether to add a densifier for durability.

A Bright Result of Polished concrete overlay

Imagine the floors of your business with the long-lasting shine of an elegant concrete overlay. A polished concrete floor is low-maintenance and will provide your business with years of quality.
You can choose to stain your floor with a jaw-dropping shine that will make your business stand out. Further polished with grit resin pads and finished with a concrete stain protector. You can count on excellent floors for years to come.
There is no limit to the ways that you can enjoy your new floors, from a shiny new adornment for your living room to a bright garage floor that will make you proud.

About the Deluxe Concrete

Deluxe Concrete can turn an imperfect concrete floor into a wonder to behold. This company will bring its years of experience and outstanding workmanship to your home, recommending the best treatments, and finishes for your unique floor.

Their process of grinding and finishing has been tried and proven to result in a shining finished product. This company understands that even a blemished floor can provide you with years of exceptional use when treated with skill.

Deluxe Concrete offers its 100 percent guarantee of your satisfaction, promising that your concrete floor will be resilient and beautiful. Invest in your home today by choosing a concrete floor that will shine bright every day. Polished floors will give you something unique and easy to maintain.

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