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Epoxy Floor Coating Seattle

Epoxy Flooring 

For residential homeowners and commercial businesses who are looking for ways to seal their existing concrete floors or a less expensive way to refurbish them, an epoxy floor coating by Deluxe Concrete is a great solution. If you live or own a business in Seattle, a professionally installed garage floor coating is a great way to get a durable finish that transforms your space while providing an unrivaled high-gloss finish.

This type of floor coating is amazingly useful for covering older and aging concrete floors while providing a stain, scratch, and impact-resistant surface. Residential Seattle homes with concrete garage floors and commercial businesses such as auto repair shops, automotive dealerships, and big box stores can instantly see and reap the benefits of concrete resurfacing versus the costs of replacement.

An epoxy concrete resurfacing or concrete polishing job by Deluxe Concrete has many benefits for home and business owners in Seattle.

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Concrete Polishing Seattle

 For those who want a high-gloss finish on their concrete floors should consider concrete polishing. Polished concrete is a multi-step method used to resurface concrete floors by mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing them with special bonded abrasives. The results are a high-gloss and strong surface that’s ready to be used for multiple applications. Big box stores, in particular, use this application for many of their retail sales floors. 

Concrete polishing provides an excellent basement floor surface, and it’s also utilized in manufacturing facilities, government buildings, institutions, and military bases. If you’re considering a polished concrete floor in the Tacoma and Seattle area and want quality high-gloss concrete floors, Deluxe Concrete grinds out the competition with their finished products.

The Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

It is Designed to Cover Imperfections

Epoxy is a great surface material for covering imperfections such as chips and cracks. Depending on the depth and width of certain chips and cracks, they are generally ground and filled with a cementitious grout or epoxy resin before the finished product is applied. This application is the ideal method to refurbish old concrete floors that are showing signs of aging and stains from years of use.

Epoxy is Chemical & Water Resistant

When it comes to being chemical and water-resistant, epoxy provides the perfect surface for businesses where excessive amounts of chemicals and water are present such as textile production facilities, food processing plants, automotive industries, and industrial chemical manufacturers. When chemicals or water are spilled, they easily clean up leaving your floor looking good as new.


Concrete Resurfacing Seattle

Concrete resurfacing is a method of cleaning your aging and damaged concrete floors. The concrete slab by filling the cracks with materials such as epoxy, cement or a polyurethane grout. Then, we grind and preparing the floor in order to apply the topcoat of your choice, which can be leaving the polished concrete exposed or an epoxy floor coating to look even better than when it was new. When it comes to the best epoxy floor coating experts in Seattle WA, Deluxe Concrete is the most recommended contractor in the area.

If you are searching for a service to take your older or boring concrete to a new level and desire a resilient, strong floor coating. With the added benefit of being scratch-resistant, offering a large selection of shades you must get in touch with, Deluxe Concrete today. They grind harder than anyone and produce the best-looking polished concrete and epoxy floor coatings in the state of Washington.

Expert Residential and Commercial Deluxe Concrete Services in Seattle, WA

Seattle Washington is a diverse seaport city that combines the benefits of a bustling urban center with impressive natural surroundings. It sits on an inlet between Lake Washington and Puget Sound with easy access to the Pacific Ocean. Nearly four million people live in the metropolitan area. Around 800,000 people reside in the city itself. Called the Emerald City, Seattle WA is home to major companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, and Amazon. It’s the birthplace of legends like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. Tourists and citizens alike can enjoy Pike Place Market, an iconic public market that opened in 1907.

It boasts several professional sports teams ranging from baseball (the Mariners) to football (the Seahawks), basketball (Seattle Storm), and soccer (Seattle Sounders FC). Seattle Washington also offers a wide variety of options for lovers of the arts. There are countless museums and playhouses throughout the city. There’s an acclaimed orchestra as well as a professional ballet company. For people who need to get away, Seattle is surrounded by natural beauty. Since it’s on the water, there are beaches to explore and boats to ride in. Of particular interest is the abundance of sea life in the area, making whale watching a popular activity. Miles of green forests surrounding the city. These forests are peppered with trails for hikers. Nearby Mount Si provides one of the most popular hiking routes in the state.

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