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If you have a concrete floor that needs a new surface, a home or commercial building that needs a fresh paint make-over or even demolition, we are a phone call away for a free proposal. When you call Deluxe Industries, you can expect a knowledgeable team to answer all your questions pertaining to concrete floors, interior painting and/or demolition. From build-outs to renovations, we are here to be your all-encompassing, one-stop-shop.

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Epoxy flooring opens up an endless world of customization. If you truly want a one-of-a-kind floor, this is the only way to go. Any color, texture, or even logo branding are options!

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Breathe new life into an existing concrete floor, or get off to a great start with a brand new floor. The bottom line – a concrete floor that has been polished or overlayed by Deluxe Concrete will be the show stopper at your home or business.

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Looking to have a walkway and driveway, or patio and step poured? Deluxe Concrete is the area’s top concrete contractor to get the job done. Having new concrete poured or refinishing your existing concrete is significantly less expensive than stone or brick masonry. We have a number of design finishes to make your concrete the talk of the neighborhood.


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Concrete polishing is the art of smoothing out a concrete floor to the point that it shines organically without the need to apply a topcoat of wax or polish. We begin the process by using a diamond-coated rough-grit pad to grind down the top layer of concrete. Once that step is completed and cleaned up, we replace the diamond-coated pad with a finer-grit pad and grind down the floor a second time.

We then repeat that process using finer and finer pads until the floor is super smooth and develops a bright shine. When we are through, you will have a polished concrete floor that is both beautiful and durable. Concrete polishing is often done in high traffic industrial and warehouse floorings. It is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Concrete polishing is also ideal for smoothing a concrete floor that has a rough finish or blemishes. Additionally, we can apply various colors of stain to your polished concrete floor to match your decor. If you have a concrete floor that is looking old and dingy or is stained, we can restore its beauty by polishing it for you.


If you want a garage floor that screams, “Hey, look at me!” whenever anyone enters your garage, let us cover your floor with garage floor epoxy. This material is as beautiful as it is durable. One advantage of this epoxy is that it will seal your floor and make it easier to clean. It will also help protect your floor against stains.

The epoxy has a high gloss finish that is highly reflective. Floor coatings will make your garage look brighter and larger. It will also cover up stains, blemishes, and cracks. Unlike paint, it bonds to the floor and is highly resistant to tire marks. By using an epoxy coating means that you can park your vehicle in your garage without having to worry about damaging your floor. Another advantage of this type of epoxy is that it can be used to smooth out a rough garage floor.

We can apply the epoxy in a variety of colors on new concrete floors as well as older ones. When you contract with us to apply garage floor epoxy to your existing garage floor, you will have a beautiful, durable, and easy to clean garage floor that you will be proud to own!


Metallic epoxy is a super strong and highly durable material that we can apply to your concrete floor. It is used in many commercial and industrial applications. We create the floor covering by mixing a metallic substance with a clear epoxy coating. The result is a mixture that will give you a concrete floor with a fantastic look.

No two floors are exactly alike because the metallic substance continues to flow through the epoxy coating as the epoxy cures. Metallic epoxy provides a variety of exotic looks, including the flow of lava and a pearlescent look. Once we mix the metallic substance with the epoxy, we pour the mixture over your concrete floor and spread it out evenly by using a squeegee.

We can use a metallic substance that has only one color or multiple colors. Once the initial layer has cured, we can apply a second layer if desired. The metallic epoxy gives the floor added depth and durability. If you have an old concrete floor that needs a facelift, we can restore its beauty by applying one or more coats of metallic epoxy. There are many colors to choose from, and the cost is very affordable.

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Commercial & Residential Projects

We proudly offer our flooring services to both commercial and residential to the Seattle and Tacoma area. From 150 sq ft boutique shops to entire homes and all the way up to 50,000 sq ft warehouses – no job is too big or small, and each one gets the same great attention to detail.

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