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Garage Floor Coating

Do you own a residential garage floor or commercial showroom with an automotive shop that has an aging concrete floor? If so, what kind of shape is it in, and how does your floor look? If it’s dirty, stained, and unsightly, you should consider the benefits of an epoxy floor coating. Professional garage floor coating systems with epoxy can transform old and ugly concrete floors into a beautiful work-of-art. Epoxy floors offer professional-looking surfaces that are extremely durable, tough, and long-lasting.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Residential homeowners in the Seattle and Tacoma area with old and dirty concrete garage floors can benefit from a variety of epoxy garage floor systems. There are several options and colors to choose from as well as a variety of custom finishes such as metal flake, brushed-aluminum, molten metal, and so much more. Homeowners can quickly transform their garage floor into a unique finish that is durable and has plenty of staying power.
Commercial and industrial businesses with large concrete floors have several epoxy coating options available to them. Epoxy coatings are an ideal choice for warehouses, automotive showrooms, repair shops, industrial facilities, and commercial businesses such as retail box stores. Epoxy floor systems are designed to be chemical and scratch-resistant, and they offer a very durable surface that can withstand heavy vehicle use and hot tires.
While there are many epoxy garage floor systems currently available, we’re going to take a look at two. These two epoxy systems are presently trending and used for both residential garage floors and commercial concrete slabs in the State of Washington:

1. Epoxy Flake Concrete Flooring System

An epoxy flake concrete flooring system is an industrial-grade epoxy coating system that is designed to resurface commercial concrete floors. This system works by the installer sprinkling the flakes over the wet epoxy until the desired look is achieved. The loose flakes are then scraped off, which leaves a uniform field of flakes. This floor is stunning when complete and very durable.

Advantages and Features Epoxy Flake System:

  • Fast Installations
  • Low VOC green product
  • Fast curing and drying times
  • Non-yellowing
  • Wicks deep into the concrete
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant
  • High-build finish
  • Hot-tire resistant
  • Low-maintenance and easy cleaning

2. Metallic Epoxy Concrete Flooring System

Metallic epoxy floor coatings are ideal for automotive showrooms, professional repair shops, retail stores, and garage floors. There is nothing more appealing and stunning than a metallic epoxy concrete floor finish. This system is very durable, reflective, shiny, and looks amazing. Some of the finishes available include blue ocean waters, molten metal, swirls, brushed stainless steel, marble, and several others. A metallic epoxy floor coating can be customized with different patterns and colors for a one-of-a-kind concrete floor.

Advantages and Features of Metallic Epoxy:

  • Excellent for heavy foot traffic
  • Great for commercial applications
  • Custom floor designs
  • Marble look minus the cost
  • Self-leveling product
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Durable and chip resistant
  • Stunning finishes and designs
  • Long service life

Finding a Professional Garage Floor Coating Installer

If you live in the Tacoma or Seattle area and are considering an epoxy coating system for your garage or commercial floor, Deluxe Concrete is the installer you want. Deluxe Concrete has been providing home and business owners with high-quality epoxy floor systems with the best warranties in the business for years. If you want a professional epoxy floor that comes with a guarantee and striking finish, call the professionals at Deluxe Concrete today.

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