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Floor refinishing service Seattle WA


Environmentally friendly, polished concrete has catapulted its way to the top of the most organic flooring solution.  With its high durability, low maintenance, and its array of design options, there is no question why it is cutting edge.  

In comparison to high-end carpet, hardwood or linoleum – polished concrete has a variety of color and/or staining options to fit any desired décor.  Colors can be customized to fulfill a one-of-kind design, never to be replicated.  Our craftsmanship is what sets us apart.  We aim to create exclusive designs simply for the “wow” factor for our clients.  

Deluxe Concrete provides polished concrete services to the Seattle and Tacoma region.

Concrete Resurfacing Seattle WA


It is bare concrete, often times hidden beneath layers of carpet, tile, and/or wood waiting to be discovered.  Once discovered, we sand, grind and polish to bring out a masterpiece of organic art to last a lifetime.

Each concrete floor is unique – both in the color and consistency of the aggregate found in the slab. Often times a concrete floor will have a network of unique cracks throughout the slab, which can be filled or left as part of the final aesthetic – this comes down to personal preference on style, with many liking the characteristics of the cracks.

After we’ve ground and polished the floor, we apply a sealer, do a color overlay or stain to give a punch of color beyond what the natural concrete offers.

We work closely with each client on-location to provide the finished product that they’ll love.


  1. Demo any old floor coatings,  tile, paint and glue.
  2. Repair any cracks and holes.
  3. Fill expansion joints. If required.
  4. Start grinding the concrete using 16/20 ~ 30/40 ~ 60/80 or 120/140 grit diamonds. The level of aggregate exposure desired and the condition of concrete will determine the level of grit to start with.
  5. Complete the grinding process using 50 ~ 100 and 200 grit resin pads.
  6. Apply stains and densifiers.
  7. Continue polishing with 400 ~ 800 ~ 1,500 and 3,000 grit resin pads.
  8. Apply concrete stain protector.


It’s time to toss out that old, boring carpet and let that concrete surface have its day in the sun. Our grinders make quick work of any glue and other remnants left, leaving a concrete surface that looks brand new. Easy to maintain and super durable, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this earlier!


We proudly offer our concrete polishing floor services to both commercial and residential to the Seattle and Tacoma area. From 150 sq ft boutique shops to entire homes and all the way up to 50,000 sq ft warehouses – no job is too big or small, and each one gets the same great attention to detail. Deluxe Concrete also offers epoxy floor coating for your garage or basement. 

We team with Independents, General Contractors, Tenant Improvement Managers, or any title in between to exceed your clients’ expectations. 

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