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Epoxy Floor Coating Tacoma

Durable Epoxy Floor Coating

Whether your thinking about resurfacing the concrete floor of your home or business, a professionally installed epoxy floor coating is very durable and has plenty of staying power that withstands the test of time and use. Epoxy is the ideal garage floor coating solution for damaged, cracked, and split concrete floors. Epoxy is also resistant to cracks, chemicals, stains, and scratches, making this material perfect for garage floors and concrete slabs.

Epoxy coatings are the preferred choice for large-scale municipal garages where heavy equipment is being used daily; it’s also impact resistant. Many automotive dealerships utilize metallic epoxy as their concrete floor covering of choice due to its impact resistance and unique aesthetics.

Metallic epoxy can holdup against constant moving and parking of vehicles while providing a metal-flake appearance. Additionally, a variety of color pigments can be added to the mixture to create a variety of tones and shades.

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High-Gloss Concrete Polishing Tacoma

For those who want a high-gloss finish on their concrete floors should consider concrete polishing. Polished concrete is a multi-step method used to resurface concrete floors by mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing them with special bonded abrasives. The results are a high-gloss and strong surface that’s ready to be used for multiple applications. Big box stores, in particular, use this application for many of their retail sales floors.

Polished concrete provides an excellent basement floor surface, and it’s also utilized in manufacturing facilities, government buildings, institutions, and military bases. If you’re considering a polished concrete floor in the Tacoma and Seattle area and want quality high-gloss concrete floors, Deluxe Concrete grinds out the competition with their finished products.

The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

There are many advantages to selecting an epoxy floor, but the biggest one has to be its ease of maintenance. Most major liquid and chemical spills can be easily cleaned with water. For stubborn spills, add a cap full or two of ammonia to the water to remove any surface stains.

In terms of being cost-effectiveness, there is no question that either polished concrete or an epoxy floor is more feasible than the expensive costs generally associated with the removal and replacement of concrete floors. Properly maintained, an epoxy floor can last 5-10 years or more.


Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a method of cleaning your aging and damaged concrete floors and slabs by filling the cracks with materials like polyurethane grout, cement, and epoxy. Then, the process involves grinding and preparing the floor to apply a new garage floor coating, which can be polished to look even better than when it was new. When it comes to the best epoxy floor coating experts in Tacoma, Deluxe Concrete is the most recommended contractor in the area.

If you are looking for a solution for an older damaged concrete floor and want a durable, strong floor that is scratch-resistant and available in a variety of colors and textures, then you need to contact the experts, Deluxe Concrete. They grind harder than anyone and produce the best-looking concrete epoxy floors in the state of Washington.

Expert Residential and Commercial Deluxe Concrete Services in Tacoma, WA

The “City of Destiny” for those who live in Tacoma is home to numerous attractions such as the famous Museum of Glass, and it’s also home to almost a quarter-million people. First founded in 1872 by General Morton Matthew McCarver, Tacoma is a now a major satellite city only 32 miles southwest from Seattle and has seen a major economic swing in residential housing and commercial businesses over the last century.

Many residential homes built in Tacoma, Wa have aging concrete floors in basements and garages, while concrete slabs are utilized more in commercial and industrial businesses and production facilities. The cost to remove and replace a damaged concrete floor can be astronomical; therefore, home and business owners are discovering more cost-effective solutions in a process known as concrete resurfacing.

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