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Epoxy Countertop

Upgrade Your Indoor and Outdoor Living Space the Smart Way

Adding an epoxy countertop to your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor kitchen will make it the joy of your living quarters. We can take your current countertop and add an amazing new look with epoxy. It can help you considerably to learn all about the incredible epoxy countertop options that are out there simply waiting for you. Epoxy, in a nutshell, is a kind of resin that’s associated with a significant degree of power and resilience. Professionals regularly use the glue to create vehicles, planes, and beyond. If you want to overhaul your home in a big way, then we can help you do so here at Deluxe Concrete. We can do so by blowing you away with our five-star decorative concrete specialties. We can do so by delighting you with our epoxy and countertop expertise levels in general.

Metallic epoxy countertop

The Various Boons of Installing Epoxy Bathroom Countertop

Epoxy bathroom countertops have many enthusiastic devotees these days and with strong reasoning. If you’re not keen on getting a new countertop, then refinishing your current countertop with an epoxy coating is a great option. We can also make a custom concrete countertop for your bathroom. This type of countertop will have a one of a kind design. They can also withstand harsh chemicals that are frequently part of cleaning products that are staples in bathrooms, too. If you want to invest in a bathroom countertop that has a unique, then the epoxy coated countertop is what you need.

Reasons to Install Epoxy Kitchen Countertops

Why are epoxy kitchen countertops so popular these days? They’re food-safe and not toxic. That’s why they can give you peace of mind as you get breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready for your family members. They’re not vulnerable to heat damage. Cleaning these countertop is simple, too. If you regularly deal with kitchen messes, then you don’t have to worry about epoxy coatings. They make taking care of food and beverage spills fast and straightforward.

Outdoor Kitchen Upgrade

Do you have an outdoor kitchen with a dull concrete countertop? However, worried the sun and weather would affect finishing the counter over time. An epoxy coating with a unique design will make it the talk of your next party and will look great for years to come. It can be frustrating to deal with a countertop that changes its color over time. If you want to throw that concern out the window, then you should opt for an epoxy countertop, plain and simple. Tiny scrapes won’t interfere with the coloring of epoxy in the slightest. If you want to maintain lovely color without having to tackle any refinishing responsibilities, then the epoxy coating countertop is right up your alley.

Contact Deluxe Concrete to Receive Additional Details About Epoxy Countertop

Do you want to learn more about all things that relate to the epoxy coating service in your home or business? Call the knowledgeable and professionals at Deluxe Concrete as soon as you get the opportunity. We’re Washington’s most capable decorative concrete powerhouses. We’re the area’s most enthusiastic residential or commercial countertop powerhouses as well.

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