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Polished Floors, Decorative and Healthy

Change to Polished Floors with a Solid Dependable Flooring Contractor in Seattle

A house is as beautiful as it should look but only its owner can make it more appealing. Keep up with the times and move over to polished floors with decorative concrete. And the good news? A reputed company named Deluxe Concrete based in Seattle waits for your next step in happiness with all that you want. It is not something one does every day. So, it is not likely to crop up when we are discussing vegetable prices with our neighbor.

Epoxy Floors Vs Polished Concrete

Not everyone looks surprised when they see a polished floor or one that has an attractive epoxy surface. It is something one expects when one walks into a stylish house with beautiful walls. For a modernist decor, one likes to see a bright, attractive floor to match the walls. We get polished concrete when we do it using a minimum of 800 grits. Most of those well-polished concrete surfaces have 3000 grit polishing done. When one polishes concrete, one has a shiny surface that is spotless. 

What about epoxy surfaces? We use epoxy resin flooring for both houses and industrial work spots. It tells us how tough this material is, how versatile it is. It can give us a shine to match a decorative concrete surface in providing style and ambiance all at once. The effort involved to install an epoxy resin is low. We can have a new one overnight if one wants it. We will have to attend to all those cracks and fill in any holes present first. Moreover, epoxy surfaces are easy to maintain. 

Why is a Polished Floor Preferable? 

Polished concrete is preferable for its beautiful appearance and for an efficient distribution of light. For this reason, we see polished concrete surfaces in warehouses, dance rooms, meeting halls, and many public offices. It lasts long needing only a minimum of maintenance. Obviously, no dust or dirt collects because it has no rough surface to adhere to. It is simply dust rising in the wind and getting into a house. Vacuuming it will send this dust packing. This way, we prevent any place for allergens.

Remove Allergens from Your House Today

Certain floors provide a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of parasites. Dust mites, mold, mildew, pet dander, grass, dirt, and what not. If you have a family member who has an allergy, it is time to change the bottom surface. If not, then don’t you change to keep out of harm’s way? Carpets retain moisture, and a danger of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is always present. This kind of VOCs occurs when you process fabric or use artificial cleaners.

Deluxe Concrete Cat lying on the Floor Seattle

A concrete surface helps rid of mold or mildew or things that grow when it is moist. However, a concrete floor is not always clean. It might have enough dust or mildew to create problems. So, change your floor. Get yourself a polished concrete surface. Or, choose epoxy resin. It augments the looks while promoting a healthy environment in a house. Make your choice after a careful thought. 

Why is Decorative Concrete a Flirt with Modernity? 

Modern interiors change a lifestyle. Swinging styles like neoclassical architecture with its preference for blank walls, pure geometric forms, and things done on a majestic scale or clean lines with a simplified form of modernist architecture signify more than a reflection of the times. It is a door to another expression, a profound indulgence in a freedom going beyond your walls. It touches the floors. 


Many times, a house seems to be dragging its feet. Imagine a charming prince on a horse coming to claim his princess. One look at him is enough to charm the princess but what if his shoes look worn out? What if they are an old pair that is without shine? It might put a princess off. It is the same with a house. If its floor is not shiny and highly functional, it will not match the decor of a house.

Check the offerings first. Our installers help you with stenciling new patterns and adding decorative borders for your floor. Alternatively, create sub-sections that are of different colors. Create a color scheme that matches your walls. One does not need to stop with mere squares or rectangles. With decorative concrete, shapes and designs take a new meaning.

Get Professional Help to Change 

It is the time to change. Hire professionals from Deluxe Concrete because you need the best people in Seattle. We have years of experience that will stand you in good stead. If your floor has cracks, is peeling or you have moisture seeping through, it is a sign of a deteriorating surface. You don’t need to plan anymore; you must act. The longer you delay the more risk you face. Apart from the allergens, there is also a possibility of having water-borne bacteria and germs. 


Making a home attractive is not a sin. It is highly recommended that you uplift your spirits with a periodic dose of authentic beauty. Regale in the atmosphere of stunning floors and let the spirits soar along. Structurally sound surfaces keep you safe. For those that detest walking on bare concrete, epoxy surfaces are your solution. An epoxy floor does not wear or damage as easily as other surfaces. With a little care, it can last for years.

When you leave it to Deluxe Concrete, you get high-quality service with all top-ranking material. It is the time to wake up your house. Do a makeover that will make it happy and keep you dancing forever. It is an investment to be always proud. It is your floor, so take it.

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