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Most interior decorators, business owners, and homeowners are currently notice of polished concrete flooring. It has become a new trend in transforming concrete floors into something more interesting and functional.

Polished concrete is a floor finish that can match the bright look of granite and marble finishes but is tougher and more durable. The level of sheen of polished concrete can also be customized to meet your desires and requirements.

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Why Opt for a Deluxe Concrete Epoxy Flooring System?

Most people often go for marble, ceramic tiles or other types of flooring materials when choosing a flooring system. Polished concrete was seldom considered because of its high cost.

It is true that polished concrete can initially be expensive but a properly installed polished concrete flooring will repay itself over time. In the long-term, it will be realized that polished concrete is a cheaper option than most flooring systems.

Opting for a polished concrete floor from Deluxe Concrete is a logical choice because of the great value for money it provides.

  • Polished concrete transforms a dull and boring concrete floor into an aesthetically appealing flooring system with a high gloss finish.
  • Almost anything can be created with polished concrete to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The level of sheen can be adjusted and colors, designs and patterns can be added to achieve any desired look. It can also be installed to look and feel like a granite or marble floor.
  • It is a durable flooring option that will not need any repairs and replacements for a long time making it cost effective.
  • Polished concrete is probably the most durable flooring system because it is hardwearing and has a long lifespan.
  • Unlike what most people imagine, polished concrete does not need much maintenance. Waxing is not required to keep it shiny. Regular cleaning with a broom and some occasional mopping and damp mopping are all that is needed to keep its luster and prevent dust build-up.
  • Marks, stains and even tire marks are not issues with a polished concrete floor making it ideal for industrial, commercial and residential garages.
  • Polished concrete floors are seamless leaving dust, dirt, molds and mildew with no place to hide making it it free of any allergens.
  • Concrete floors are vulnerable to moisture retention. This is not the case with polished concrete. Polished concrete is a breathable flooring system which does not retain moisture making it resistant to spills.
  • Polished concrete floors enhance the brightness of the area because of its sheen. This can allow you to use lesser lighting. This flooring system can also make small rooms appear larger.
  • Polished concrete floors are functional as soon as they are installed because no chemicals have been used.
  • The installation process does not use Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) thus it is an environment friendly flooring system.

One more thing, if you opt to have a polished concrete installed, you will get to work with the courteous and professional installers of Deluxe Concrete!

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The process of installing polish concrete on a new concrete floor and an existing concrete floor is similar. For existing concrete floors though, the floor needs to be properly cleaned to get rid of all dust, dirt and other contaminants.

The process once completed becomes a low maintenance flooring system. Polished concrete can also be done in different colors if you are working with a new slab.

The installation of polished concrete involves several steps. It can be done both on dry or wet concrete floors. The process involves treating the concrete floor to cover pores and holes with chemical densifiers and grounding them down with fine grinding tools.

A polishing machine with a diamond tip is used to produce the level of sheen you desire which will no longer need any sealers or waxes to maintain its sheen. This polishing machine will grind, hone and finally polish the concrete to achieve the desired sheen.

The concrete floor gets to be finer as the amount of grit is increased which means that the higher the gloss finish of polished concrete floor, the smoother it becomes.

Environment friendly solutions are applied on the concrete floor. A densifier is first applied to harden and make the concrete floor resistant to dust. A stain protection solution can also be applied to the concrete’s pores to make the surface stain and scratch resistant.

For a successful polished concrete installation, it best that work be done on days when temperature is above 550 for the installation to be done quickly. As soon as the process is completed, foot traffic can immediately be allowed. Polished concrete does not require any curing time.

Polished concrete is best done by Deluxe Concrete. Considering it as a do-it-yourself project may not be feasible because of the skills and experience required from the installer and the specialized equipment required.

Polished concrete is generally easy to clean therefore have low maintenance requirements. This is actually one of the main reasons why most business owners and also homeowners opt for polished concrete.

Stains caused by grease, oil, chemical and other spills need to immediately be wiped off. When left unattended these may cause permanent stains. Dust particles should also be swept or dry, mopped to prevent scratching of the floor surface.

If the polished concrete floor is subjected to high foot traffic, it is advisable to dry mop the every day. Wet mopping should be done with adding only mild detergent and cleaners. Cleaners with harsh chemicals should be completely avoided as it may affect the shine of the polished concrete floor