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Deluxe Concrete: Floor Refinishing Service

If you are looking into adding some color and style to your garage the Epoxy Flooring Seattle is the place to go. Floors do a lot to beautify a room or space, so for your garage, it would be best to start with the garage floor.

Most garage floors in Seattle are of standard concrete. Concrete is a tough flooring material. The downside of concrete is these gray slabs can be unattractive and boring. With a little effort, you can have a floor refinishing service in Seattle, Washington transform your garage into a comfortable and attractive space.

An epoxy coating is one of the best options for a garage floor in Seattle. This amazing floor finish will give you a high gloss finish with a lot of functionality. With the right preparation prior installation, you will have a floor that will serve you for long years.

Reputable Seattle, Washington floor refinishing service will always tell you that if you want your garage floor to be protected from grease and oil, an epoxy coating is your best option. An epoxy coating will not only provide those benefits, the floor will be easy to clean, too.

If you have decided on an epoxy coating on your garage floor, take some time to read these tips. It will help you better understand the epoxy coating process the Seattle, Washington floor refinishing service will be doing on your garage floor.

Epoxy Coating Installation Process

Step 1
An Epoxy Coating Installation Should Be Done By More Than One Person.

Epoxy is a material that dries fast. After the resin and hardener have been mixed, it should be applied to the concrete floor within a few minutes. A team of 2 or more persons can do a better job of installing epoxy.

Step 2
Do The Entire Garage Floor.

Never attempt to have epoxy installed in portions. If you start with one portion of the garage and leave the rest for some other time, you will have an uneven epoxy garage floor.

Step 3
Remove All Sealants Before Applying The Epoxy Coating.

An epoxy coating works best on a concrete surface that has been properly prepared. Epoxy will not adhere to a surface that has an existing sealer. A chemical stripper can remove the sealer and make the concrete surface ready for an epoxy coating.

Step 4
Always Use The Right Epoxy Coating Material.

Here lies the difference between installing an epoxy coating as a do-it-yourself project and hiring a professional Seattle, Washington floor refinishing service. Most DIY epoxy coating kits sold in big box stores result in a thin epoxy coat. Professional epoxy installers only use top quality epoxy materials.

Step 5
Proper Preparation Of The Concrete Surface

Proper preparation of the concrete surface is the secret to a successful epoxy coating installation. The surface must be free of all dust and dirt. Any previous sealers must also be removed. The epoxy material will not adhere to a dirty concrete floor.

Step 6
Check The Weather

To achieve the best results, epoxy should only be installed in temperature that is 600 or warmer. It would be impossible for the epoxy coating to adhere and set when you attempt to have it installed during the winter.

Step 7
Check For Moisture.

The concrete floor should be completely dry and free of any moisture. An epoxy coating applied on a wet surface will cause adhering issues.

Step 8
Prepare The Working area.

When applying an epoxy coating, the rest of the garage needs to be protected. Baseboards need to be removed. The edges of the floor should also be taped. This process will not only provide protection but will also make the installation hassle-free.

Step 9
Rollers And Brushes Should Be Dry

When rollers and brushes are wet, the water in them will mix with the epoxy material. It will cause the material to be sticky and difficult to apply. It will also cause the color of epoxy to be a bit lighter. More importantly, wet rollers and brushes will make the epoxy a longer time to set.

Step 10
An Epoxy Coating Needs To Cure

An epoxy coating needs time to dry up. Do not be in such a rush to use the floor a few hours after it was installed. It usually takes about 24 hours for an epoxy coat to completely dry up.

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Seattle Epoxy Flooring Contractors

A Seattle epoxy garage floor provides a lot of benefits. Most homeowners want a garage floor that is durable, resilient to chemical spills, resilient to impact, easy to clean and maintain. They also want a garage floor that is beautiful and appealing.

An epoxy coating can provide all these benefits only when applied the proper way. A floor refinishing service in Seattle, Washington is your best option.

  • After the primer has cured the epoxy coating can now be applied in the same manner paint is applied – with a roller brush. Deluxe Concrete makes sure that the right proportion of epoxy resins and hardeners are mixed to ensure a solid epoxy flooring.
  • The epoxy is allowed to cure for 24 hours after which the top coat is applied. After application, the epoxy floor is allowed to cure. The new epoxy floor should be able to accommodate foot traffic (light) after 24 hours. Heavy items can be moved to the new floor after the next 24 hours.
  • An epoxy flooring system should completely cure after 7 days. Our installers will then be back to test the new epoxy flooring system against the chemicals and substances it is expected to resist.
  • The process starts with cleaning the concrete floor and getting rid of all dirt, dust, and contaminants. A diamond grinder is running over the concrete floor to open its pores and to release all fluid contaminants stuck to the concrete floor.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming follow to get rid of all debris. Concrete floor should be extremely clean before the application of epoxy otherwise it will show in the finish. Any cracks or holes are repaired and all joints are sealed.
  • An epoxy primer is then applied and allowed to cure or dry for 24 hours. The epoxy primer works to mechanically and chemically bond the epoxy and the concrete floor. It also is responsible for making the epoxy floor tough, durable and resistant to chemical spills.

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An epoxy floor coating is not paint. Some paint though contain a bit of epoxy for enhanced durability. A Deluxe Concrete epoxy flooring system is made of 100% epoxy which is a mixture of an epoxy resin and hardener.

Cleaning an epoxy floor is simple and easy. As a matter of fact, it is one of the main reasons most homeowners and business owners opt for epoxy flooring systems. The basic tool needed to clean this flooring system is a simple dust mop. A dust mop will take care of about 90% of the cleaning requirements of an epoxy floor.

Mopping is generally done once or twice a week depending on the need. A few minutes of mopping is all it takes to get the floor nice and clean. If you floor comes with an additive for an anti-slip feature, a soft bristle broom can also be used in addition to a dust mop.

For gas, fluid and oil leaks and spills, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth. Aside from these weekly cleaning, a quarterly general cleaning is done especially if your epoxy floor receives a lot of dirt and heavy foot traffic.

A general (heavy duty) cleaning requires a mop with a good quality foam, a mild cleaning solution and hot water.

An epoxy floor system is your best option for a home garage that is durable, tough, functional and visually appealing.