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Are you renovating a commercial or industrial area? Your own home? Are you looking for an epoxy flooring system that will complement the style of your home while at the same time easy to maintain and with a lot of flexible options?

The answer to all those questions is, go for decorative concrete flooring. With decorative flooring, you have the option of choosing between stamped concrete, patterned concrete or colored concrete installations.

The only problem with decorative concrete is you will have a difficult time to choose which patterns and colors to go for because the possibilities are limitless.

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Why Opt for Decorative Concrete from Deluxe Concrete?

Decorative concrete can be installed either in a new concrete or an existing concrete floor. Most homes already have concrete as their subfloors covered mostly by carpets or hardwood. Of course, it is a known fact that carpets hold odors and will eventually stain. Hardwood on the other hand is prone to water damage.

When you opt for decorative concrete you are choosing an option that is hardwearing and will eventually save you a lot of valuable money and time.

If you are talking pavers and bricks for your patio, pool deck or driver, decorative concrete is a better option because the designs, shapes, and colors are limitless. Free/thaw conditions are also not an issue with decorative concrete.

Here are more reasons why you have decorative concrete in your walkways, patios, pool decks and driveways other than adding a lot of style and zest while still keeping its functionality.

  • Decorative concrete is available in various textures, designs, patterns, and colors. Sealers, stains, dyes, and oxides are used to create its aesthetic appeal.
  • Decorative concrete is an economical option because it comes in a variety of designs, styles, and options, it lasts long and is low in maintenance.
  • Decorative concrete can imitate the look of brick, stone, slate, and cobblestone at a more affordable price.
  • Decorative concrete is made to last for long years. When installed outdoors it can withstand varied weather conditions. It can also carry huge foot traffic and heavy loads.
  • Decorative concrete is low in maintenance because debris, dirt, and dust are not retained on the surface. A little sweeping and mopping are all it needs to keep its beauty and function.
  • Decorative concrete is also resistant to allergens and molds making it a healthy and safe choice.
  • Decorative concrete uses only environmentally friendly materials.

The Decorative Concrete Process from Deluxe Concrete

When you choose decorative concrete, colors and patterns should complement the style of your home. Decorative concrete is one of the hottest trends to hit home design needs for patios, driveways, pool decks and porches.

There are a wide array of colors, textures, designs, and patterns to choose from so you can create one that is uniquely your own. Working with decorative concrete for your home or office is a 4-step process:

Decorative concrete is not only tough, durable and beautiful, it is easy to clean and maintain, too. That is what most people love about this flooring system. Albeit, easy to clean and maintain, there still is a right way of handling your decorative concrete.

When maintained the right way, your decorative concrete patio, porch, driveway, pool dick or walkway will see many long years of use. They are far easier to maintain than a concrete surface or even a brick surface.

Regardless of what type of decorative concrete you have, a dry mop or a broom is all you need to get rid of debris and dust that have accumulated in the surface. Twigs, leaves, bug and some other debris can stain the surface. You should also refrain from dragging heavy objects on the surface to prevent scratches.

For liquid, oil, grease or chemical spills, immediately wipe them off with a wet mop. You may also use a chemical cleaner (non-abrasive). Proper cleaning of decorative concrete will both enhance its aesthetic appeal and its durability.

Aside from the regular occasional refreshing of the sealer will enhance and prolong the life of your decorative concrete. It will prevent dirt, oil, grease and other chemical substances from penetrating the surface making it easy to clean. It also enhances its color and makes the surface resistant to fading caused by exposure to UV.

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