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Concrete Flooring Contractor in Seattle

When a floor in your home in Seattle has reached a point wherein hard and deep cleaning is not good enough, it is time to call the Deluxe Concrete flooring contractor. Flooring contractors in Seattle, Washington will present you with options that can bring back the floor’s function and beauty.  

Refinishing floors in Seattle is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. Hiring a flooring contractor will save you time and money. A flooring contractor can also provide you with wider flooring options for your garage, patio, poolside, basement or driveway.

A professional flooring contractor will also clean-up the site and the surrounding area after the projected are completed. They will properly dispose of all excess materials especially the hazardous ones. After the crew leaves your home, there is nothing left for you to do but enjoy your new garage, patio, poolside, basement or driveway.

Most homeowners in Seattle are one in saying that installing a new flooring system for your garage, patio, poolside, basement or driveway is something that is best left to the professionals. Entrusting the project to them will ensure the right quality materials are used on your floors.

The professionals in Deluxe Concrete can also do the job right and more efficiently because they have the required equipment and have mastered the processes the heart.

Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Why Opt for a Deluxe Concrete Contractor in Seattle?

When your floor needs spicing up, a flooring contractor is your best bet to make your plans a reality. Here are the benefits of hiring a flooring contractor in Seattle, Washington:

  1. Personalized Service

When you hire a flooring contractor in Seattle, you are assured he will place close attention to every detail of your projects. Tell him what you want to be done and he will provide you with the best options for your project.

The flooring contractor will take everything into consideration including cost estimates, timetable, designs and installation of the flooring system all the way to clean-up.

  1. Expert Knowledge

The flooring contractor in Seattle, Washington has the ability to provide you with the best flooring option given your budget and flooring condition. The contractor will also analyze the floor’s condition vis-à-vis moisture, existing adhesives and other issues which may affect the successful installation of the new flooring system.

  1. Unique Custom Designs

The Seattle flooring contractor will be able to provide you with unique custom designs for your garage, patio, poolside, basement or driveway. Customs epoxy or concrete finishes can be designed in different colors, textures, and patterns depending on your needs and budget.

  1. Expert Knowledge of Materials

A reputable flooring contractor in Seattle, Washington is knowledgeable with the best flooring materials. He has also developed good relationships and partnerships with manufacturers to get good prices which could be passed on to you.

  1. Good Quality Assurance Systems

The best flooring contractors in Seattle has a system in place to the quality of all their projects. A good flooring contractor will inspect the site prior to installation of the flooring system. This is to have an idea of the flooding condition. Quality control tests are also done after the competition of the project.

  1. Proper Materials, Tools, and Equipment

The installation of a new garage floor or driveway requires the use of specialized equipment, tools, and materials. The flooring contractor has all the required equipment to ensure a successful preparation and installation of the flooring system.

  1. Prepared for Any Flooring Issues

A project can appear simple in the onset. However, when work gets underway, certain issues can pop-up. A professional flooring contractor has the capability to troubleshoot any issues that may suddenly appear while preparation and installation are ongoing.

  1. Savings on Time and Money

A reputable flooring contractor in Seattle, Washington has the required experience to ensuring a good quality job. The crew that will handle the installation of your flooring system has been trained to do the job in an efficient manner to assure a successful flooring system installation.

The crew is trained in the installation process and the proper preparation of the materials that are to be used.

  1. Safe Installation

A professional and reliable flooring contractor in Seattle, Washington always ensures the safety of its crew and the job site. Safety includes the proper handling of equipment and materials. Safety also includes taking the right precautionary measures to ensure the rest of the property will not in any way be damaged due to the ongoing installation.

  1. Gets the Job Done Right

A reputable flooring contractor in Seattle has all the knowledge, skills and experience to properly install the flooring system in your garage, patio, poolside, basement or driveway. You are assured that the job will be successfully completed the first time.




The Deluxe Concrete Contractor System

The key to a successful epoxy flooring installation is the proper preparation of the concrete floor.

An epoxy floor coating is not paint. Some paint though contain a bit of epoxy for enhanced durability. A Deluxe Concrete epoxy flooring system is made of 100% epoxy which is a mixture of an epoxy resin and hardener.

Cleaning an epoxy floor is simple and easy. As a matter of fact, it is one of the main reasons most homeowners and business owners opt for epoxy flooring systems. The basic tool needed to clean this flooring system is a simple dust mop. A dust mop will take care of about 90% of the cleaning requirements of an epoxy floor.

Mopping is generally done once or twice a week depending on the need. A few minutes of mopping is all it takes to get the floor nice and clean. If you floor comes with an additive for an anti-slip feature, a soft bristle broom can also be used in addition to a dust mop.

For gas, fluid and oil leaks and spills, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth. Aside from these weekly cleaning, a quarterly general cleaning is done especially if your epoxy floor receives a lot of dirt and heavy foot traffic.

A general (heavy duty) cleaning requires a mop with a good quality foam, a mild cleaning solution and hot water.

An epoxy floor system is your best option for a home garage that is durable, tough, functional and visually appealing.