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When talking about patios, porches, driveways and pool decks, concrete is always the best choice. It is a relatively cheap application and its regular maintenance is rather low. What happens when you want to change or enhance the look of your outdoor landscaping? Do you need to tear down the existing concrete floor and install a new one? 

You do not have to start from scratch and make an entirely new concrete floor. You can opt for a simpler, cheaper and less stressful option – have Deluxe Concrete, the premiere concrete contractor in Seattle, install a concrete overlay to give your patio, porch, driveway or pool deck a new and refreshing look.

Drab, boring and worn out concrete in your home landscape can bring down the value of your home. Increase your home’s value by installing a concrete overlay from Deluxe Concrete.

Instead of spending a lot of time and money to remove and install new concrete, give the existing one a facelift. Concrete overlays can resurface old concrete and make it look as good as new and with a more interesting look.

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Why Opt for Concrete Overlays from Deluxe Concrete?

Concrete overlays are useful in various situations. They offer the most benefits when you need to revive a worn out concrete slab. When you are concerned with floor surfaces that developed cracks, marks, and stains, concrete overlays are your best option.

Concrete overlays work both ways. The process changes and enhances your home décor while resurfacing worn out concrete. In short, it is both a practical and decorative option. Of course, you do not have to wait for concrete to wear out before opting for concrete overlays to take advantage of their decorative features.

Opting for concrete overlays provides you with two main benefits: the practical and the decorative. From a practical viewpoint, concrete overlays remedy concrete surface imperfections. They also improve the strength, durability, skid resistance and surface draining of concrete.

From a decorative point of view, concrete overlays enhance the look and appearance of concrete. They also reduce the roughness of the concrete surface while providing numerous creative modifications.

Most homeowners and business owners have three main reasons why concrete overlays are an ideal flooring solution:

Tough and Durable

Concrete is the most durable flooring material. It is a flooring system that is built to last long. Concrete overlays are strong enough to accommodate your cars making them an ideal option for driveways. They can also withstand the wear and tear brought about by salt water pools making them ideal for pool decks.

Decorative Nature

Deluxe Concrete has concrete overlay designs that can mimic the look and appearance of brick, stone and similar materials. Your own unique design in a concrete overlay is also possible.

Low in Maintenance

Concrete overlays require only minimal maintenance. This flooring option allows you to enjoy the beauty of your new concrete floor without having to exert much effort for its upkeep.

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The Deluxe Concrete experts have the right skills and meticulous eye for every details involved in installing a concrete overlay. Regardless of type, concrete overlays all have the same purpose – to hide the imperfections and damages of concrete and to incorporate a decorative finish. A stamped concrete overlay has a deep texture. Concrete is spread on top of the existing concrete surface. A stamp with your chosen design or pattern is laid on the concrete while still wet. Concrete overlays with light texture are installed using a spray or trowel. This type of concrete overlay is ideal for patios, pool decks and driveways. A brommed textured concrete overlay works to level the surfaces of concrete and re-texture to give an impression that the surface was broomed and poured with new concrete. The overlay is applied with either a squeegee, trowel or spray. Deluxe Concrete can successfully install whichever type of concrete overlay you choose. Call us today for a free estimate.
Every concrete overlay installed by the expert professionals of Deluxe Concrete are of high quality. The resurfaced new concrete will last for long years because it is well-sealed for protection. The sealer works to make the concrete surface easy to clean. It also enhances the colors of the overlay while at the same time makes the concrete overlay stain, abrasion and water resistant. A sealer which gives the surface a satin to high gloss finish can also be used when desired. Concrete overlays are low in maintenance. You simply need to do some routine maintenance cleaning with a wet or dry mop to keep abrasive particles from building up in interior overlays. For exterior overlays an occasional light scrub or pressure washing with mild detergent. The frequency of the cleaning depends on the amount of foot traffic the concrete overlay receives. Some sealing products used for outdoor surfaces require annual resealing. This depends on the foot traffic in the area and whether the concrete surface will have a freeze-thaw exposure. Your Deluxe Concrete overlay installer will advise you regarding this matter. An epoxy floor system is your best option for a home garage that is durable, tough, functional and visually appealing. It works to repair damaged concrete surfaces and giving it a new and exciting appeal. With concrete overlays, you will never have to look at a damaged or dull concrete surface.